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I’m Sophie Orchard, the Director and Founder of Orchard Speech Pathology. After completing my Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2016 at Flinders University, I have worked full-time in private practice supporting a wide range of people with varying communication difficulties. I have extensive experience assessing and providing intervention to pre-school aged kiddos, school aged children, adolescents and adults in the areas of speech and language disorders, literacy and social communication. Over the last 7 years, I have worked with many Autistic people, and I pride myself on celebrating their uniqueness.

I also have extensive experience assessing and diagnosing children, adolescents and adults with Autism, both in single and dual assessments with a psychologist.


I love getting to know people, therefore building an honest, trusting and mutually respectful therapeutic relationship with my clients and their families is at the centre of my therapy. I also believe strongly in using best evidence-based practice to help my clients achieve their communication goals.


When I am not speech pathology-ing, I am spending time with my fiancé, Luke and twins, Elsie and Louie. I love getting outdoors and I also have a deep love for music.


I have completed the following trainings

  • Hanen, It Takes Two to Talk

  • Key Word Sign

  • “Learn How Words Work: Spelling Development, Assessment and Intervention” workshop – Presented by Jenny Baker

  • “Preschool and Early School-age Language Update: Assessment and Intervention Intensity” workshop – Presented by Dr Natalie Munro

  • “Speech Pathology in the literacy domain: From prevention to intervention” – Presented by Dr Tanya Serry

  • “Narrative Assessment and Intervention: Research to Practice” – Presented by Marleen Westerveld

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